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A Symphony of Evidence-based Staffing – PSQH, September/October, 2014

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‘Show Me The Money’ Revisited – PSQH, November/December, 2012

Clinician Role Changes Delivering Patient-Centered Workflow – Asian Hospital and Healthcare Management, Issue 26, 2012

Super-organism Focused Healthcare – PSQH, September/October, 2012

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Mine Big Data to Advance Clinical Decision Support – Top 10 Health IT Trends For 2012, Healthcare Technology Online

Big Data Drives Big Changes – PSQH, January/February, 2012


It’s All About Jobs – PSQH, November/December, 2011

Web 3.0 Data-Mining for Comparative Effectiveness and CDS – PSQH, September/October 2011

Say No to Paper – PSQH, July/August, 2011

Watson come here. I need you! – PSQH, May/June, 2011

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Show Me The Money – PSQH, November/December, 2010

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If Not Us, Then Who? - HIMSS Daily Insider, March 1, 2010

Board Chair Keynote Address  – HIMSS 2010 Annual Conference March, 2010

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Making Meaningful Use “Meaningful” – PSQH, November/December, 2009

Engaging Physicans to Adopt Healthcare Information Technology – J. Healthcare Mgmt., September/October, 2009

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Don’t Blame it on RHIO – PSQH, March/April, 2008

Healthcare IT: Slogan or Solution? – PSQH, January/February, 2008

Healthcare IT Solutions – The Business of Healthcare, Vol. 3, Improving Systems of Care, 2008


Applying Path Innovation to Secure Revolutionary HIT – Asian Hospital and Healthcare Management, Issue 14, 2007

Revolutionary HIT: Cure for Insanity – PSQH, November/December, 2007

Healthcare Reform and Cost: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again – WTN Media, November 30, 2007

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CDH Plans Need IT-Generated Metrics - Health IT News, July 1,2006

Anti-doping of Clinical IT – PSQH, November/December, 2006

The IOM’s Holistic Approach to Medication Errors – PSQH, September/October, 2006

Interoperability: Finding a Home for Your Data – PSQH, July/August, 2006

Round Healthcare in a Flat World – PSQH, May/June, 2006

Preparing for Avian Flu with Information Technology – WTN Media, April 17, 2006

Can We Deliver Quality Care Without Universal Coverage? – PSQH, March/April, 2006

Standardized Performance Measures: A GPS for Quality – PSQH, January/February, 2006


Personalized Medicine: Just for You – PSQH, November/December, 2005

Chronic Disaster: Preparing for Avian Flu – HHN Most Wired Online. November 30, 2005

Consumer Directed Healthcare – BearingPoint White Paper, 2005

Interoperability: More Knowledge or Just More Data – PSQH, September/October, 2005

The Pied Piper of Clinical IT – HHN Most Wired Online. October 13, 2005

Consumer-Directed Healthcare. Increasing Demand for Quality Data – PSQH, July/August, 2005

Applying Desktop Search Power to Your Desktop – Journal of Patient Safety, June, 2005

Path Innovation: Transcending Automation – PSQH, May/June, 2005

Innovative Healthcare Takes More Than IT innovation – WTN Media, May 18, 2005

Malpractice Reform Only with Incentives – PSQH, March/April, 2005

Mind the Gap - HHN Most Wired Online. March 9, 2005

Usable Clinical Evidence-Based Guidelines…For Real – PSQH, January/February, 2005


Continuity of Care Record: Foundation for Quality – PSQH, Fall, 2004

Playing Tag to Enhance Patient Safety – PSQH, Summer, 2004

Predictive Modeling Identifies Patients Most in Need of Care – Managed Healthcare Executive Online, July 1, 2004

Flying Rules for Patient Safety – JQHC, Spring, 2004

Using Third Generation Models in Disease Management – JQHC, Winter, 2004


Advancing Patient Safety through Information Access and Interchange – JQHC, Fall, 2003

Standards: Facilitating Communication Through a Common Language – JQHC, Summer, 2003

Invited Commentary – Journal on Information Technology In Healthcare, July/August, 2003

Clinical ROI: Not Just Costs Versus Benefits – JHIM, Fall, 2003

If You Build It, Will They Come? – Canadian Healthcare Manager, August, 2003

Thank You FDA for the Bar Codes – JQHC, Spring, 2003

Using IT to Drive Teamwork and Patient Safety – JQHC, Winter, 2003

ROI Under Scrutiny: The Radical Redefinition of a Core Concept – Frontiers of Health Services Management, Spring, 2003

Clinical Technology: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth? – Healthcare Financial Management, February, 2003

Using IT to Improve Clinical Teamwork and Communication – Nursing Economics, January/February, 2003


Clinical Decision Support: Success Through Smart Deployment – JQHC, Fall, 2002

Technology Helps Eliminate Medical Errors – Suppl. to Managed Care, January, 2003

Pearls From Across the Pond: Improving Patient Safety in the US Health Care System – iHealthbeat, December 20, 2002

Medical Imaging: Enhancing Quality Through Access – JQHC, Summer, 2002

Clinical Guidelines at Point of Care Needed to Improve Quality, Safety – iHealthbeat, October 11, 2002.

Choosing Clinical IT Tools that Matter to Physicians – Health Management Technology, September, 2002

Physician Adoption of Technology Linked to Providing Benefits – JQHC, Spring, 2002

Patient Safety: Modifying Processes to Eliminate Medical Errors – JQHC, Spring, 2002

Computerized Physician Order Entry: A Prescription for Patient Safety – Nursing Economics, March/April, 2002


Medical Expert System Update – Advance for Health Information Executives, December, 2001

Evidence-Based Medicine: A Tool at the Point of Care – Nursing Economics, September/October, 2001

Enhancing Patient Safety with Clinically Intelligent Physician Order Entry – Nursing Economics, May/June, 2001

1983 – 2000

An Overview of Outcomes Research and Measurement – Journal of Healthcare Quality, November/December, 1999

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Workflow in Healthcare – Araxsys, 1997

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Judging New Ventures: Study the Plan – Trustee June, 1988

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Toxigenic Vibrio Cholerae O1 Strain from Mexico Identical to United States Isolates – Lancet, October 15, 1983

Interstate Common-Source Outbreaks of Staphylococcal Food Poisoning – North Carolina, Pennsylvania – MMWR, 1983

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