Presentation History

Academy of Medicine of Cleveland/Northern Ohio Medical Association

The Potential of Health Information Technology to Reduce Errors and Reduce Premiums, Cleveland, OH, 3/05

Agency for the Development and Evaluation of Medicine

Design and Implementation of Practice Guidelines, Paris, France, 4/93

AIC Worldwide

Utilizing Episode Based Provider Profiling to Target Medical Management, Durham, NC, 3/99

Albany Medical Center

Influence of Environmental Factors: New Technologies and Trends. Albany, NY, 9/09

Alliance for CME

Using Computer and Web Technology in Education and Proficiency Testing, San Diego, CA, 1/98

Integrating CME/CE in Decision Support and Point-of-Care Systems, San Diego, CA, 1/98

American Association of Health Plans

Aligning Technology Strategies with Business Goals, Orlando, FL, 11/98

American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Physicians

Achieving ROI Through Quality Initiatives: Six Sigma, Workflow and Clinical IT, Orlando, FL, 11/03Disease Management and Medical Error: How Managing the Disease May Reduce the Risk, Orlando, FL, 10/02

Program Director, The Health Care Information Highway, Chicago, IL, 7/95

Program Director, Quality Health Care for an Aging America, Orlando, FL, 3/95

Program Co-Chairman, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Orlando, FL, 3/93, Phoenix, AZ 5/94

Managed Care: Added Risks?, Philadelphia, PA, 10/97

Mining the Internet: Capturing Information On-line, Philadelphia, PA 10/97

Putting it Together: Linking Structure, Process and Outcomes and QA/UR/RM Activities, Atlanta, GA, 6/97

NCQA Standards for Physicians Organization Certification Programs, Atlanta, GA, 6/97

QI/UM Informatics: Outcomes, Profiling, Internet, Mesa, AZ, 3/97

Alternative Care Delivery, San Francisco, CA, 9/96

Physician Profiling and Changing Physician Behavior, Dallas, TX, 6/96

Physician / Provider Profiling, Dallas, TX, 9/95

Monitoring Physician Quality: State and Private Sector Initiatives, Orlando, FL, 3/95

Profiling Providers, Orlando, FL, 7/94

QA/UR Through Computer Literacy, Orlando, FL, 7/94

American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Physicians – Core Body of Knowledge Course

Profiling, Outcomes and Informatics, 1997 to 2000

Health Care Delivery Systems and Managed Care, 1997 to 2000

Managed Care, 1994 to 1996

Health Care Delivery Systems, 1993 to 1996

Peer Review Organizations (PROs): An Overview, 1995 to 1996

Economic Credentialing and Provider Profiling: Implications for Practitioners, 1995

The HCFA Initiatives, 1995

Health Care Systems and Popular Organizational Models, 1994

Considerations on Quality in Major Health Care Reform Proposals, 1994

Resource Based Relative Value Scales, 1993

Statistics, Epidemiology and Computers in Quality Assurance, 1992 to 1993

American College of Healthcare Executives

Patient Safety: Taking Steps Forward, Memphis, TN, 8/01 and New Orleans, LA, 10/01

American College of Physician Executives

Provider Profiling, Atlanta, GA, 5/96

Clinical Profiles: Cornerstone on Managed Care, Chicago, IL, 5/95

American Hospital Association – Health Forum

Minding the Gap: Combining Path Innovation and Collaboration, San Francisco, CA, 7/06

American Medical Directors for Information Systems (AMDIS)

Revolutionary Health IT: Path Innovation, Collaboration, and Transformation, Ojai, CA, 7/10

Arab Health – Big Data Conference

Big Data: Healthcare Ready for the World, Dubai, UAE, 1/14

Arkansas Medical Society

Evaluating Appropriateness of Care, Hot Springs, AR, 4/95

American Society for Quality

Clear and Lasting Danger: Pandemic Flu, and How IT Can Help, Milwaukee, WI, 5/06

American Subacute Care Association

Using an Internet/Intranet Enabled Software System to Enhance Outcomes, San Francisco, CA, 1/97

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Evolution of Criteria: Protocols for Medical Appropriateness, San Francisco, CA, 10/93

Building Healthcare Middle East

Tools That Have Changed the Face of the Physician Workspace, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 06/15

Interoperability is Not a Myth – Ask the Solution Experts, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 06/15

British Computer Society – Primary Health Care Specialist Group

Enhancing Workflow and Clinical IT Adoption to Advance Patient Safety, Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire, UK, 6/04

Quality Initiatives: Using Clinical IT to Directly Impact Care, Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire, UK, 6/04

Canada – US Innovation Summit

Minding the Gap – Path Innovation, Collaboration, and Transformation, Philadelphia, PA, 3/16

Cardiovascular Knowledge Center Consortium

Your Genie in the Bottle: Processes, Quality & Outcomes, St. Augustine, FL, 3/06

Clinical Economics

Practice Guidelines for Disease State Management, Boston, MA, 9/95

College of Health Information Management System Executives

Care Collaboration in a Value-Based World, Scottsdale, AZ, 10/13

Clinician Adoption: Its Importance In Successful IT Deployment, On-Line Webinar, 10/02

Patient Safety, On-Line Webinar, 6/02

Deloitte and Universidad Andrés Bello

Seminario: Challenges of Digital Health Solutions, Santiago, Chile, 10/18

Digital Healthcare Conference

Conference Chairperson, 2004 to present

Social Networking: A New Tool to Engage the Clinical Community, Madison, WI, 5/09

Clear and Lasting Danger: Pandemic Flu, and How IT Can Help, Madison, WI, 5/06

Keynote: Clinical Transformation: Changing The Way We Do Things, Not Just the Tools, Madison, WI, 6/05

Panelist: Unity of Focus: Mapping Business Objectives to Digital Healthcare Strategies, Madison, WI, 6/05

Quality Initiatives: Using Clinical IT to Directly Impact Care, Madison, WI, 6/04

Disease Management Colloquium

Using Predictive Modeling to Target Interventions, Philadelphia, PA, 6/04

eHealth Summit

Case Studies in Practitioner Adoption, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 6/03

Emerging Technologies and Healthcare Innovations Congress

Clinical ROI: Lessons from Health Care’s Most Wired, Washington, DC, 6/02

First Physicians Care

Provider Profiling, Changing Physician Behavior and Fundamentals of Continuous Quality Improvement, Atlanta, GA, 6/96

Florida Medical Directors Association

Physician Profiling and Informatics, Orlando, FL, 10/96.

Global Business Research

Provider Profiling Part I: Tools and Strategies, Philadelphia, PA, 5/95

What Do Employers and Other Provider Report Cards: Fire the Outliers?, San Diego, 1/95

Payers Do To Influence/Encourage the Use of Generics, Orlando, FL, 12/94

GMIS, Inc. Annual Users Group Meeting

UM for the Year 2000, St. Petersburg, FL, 5/95

Health Information and Management Systems Society

Reducing the Cost of Care with Real-Time Intelligence, HIMSS 2015, Chicago, IL, 04/15

Establishing Interoperability as the Foundation for Accountable Care, Texas Regional HIMSS Conference, Austin, TX, 02/15

Improving Outcomes, Facilitating Adoption While Protecting Patient Information, AsiaPac 2011, Melbourne, Australia, 9/11

Show Me the Money: Making Meaningful Use Meaningful, Orlando, FL, 2/11

HIMSS Chair Keynote Address at HIMSS 2010, Atlanta, GA, 3/10

Workflow Enhancement – The Environment, Orlando, FL, 2/04Quality Initiatives: Using Clinical IT to Directly Impact Care, Orlando, FL, 2/04Workflow Enhancement – The Environment, Chicago, IL, 6/03

Clinical ROI: Lessons From Health Care’s Most Wired, San Diego, CA, 2/03

Patient Safety: Modifying Processes to Eliminate Errors, Atlanta, GA, 1/02, Las Vegas, NV, 6/02

Healthcare Financial Management Association

Evidence Based Clinical Cost Reduction Strategies, Seattle, WA, 6/02

Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland

Revolutionary Health IT: Path Innovation, Collaboration, and Transformation, Annual Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 11/09

HP World Health Symposium

Clinical Infrastructure Driving Clinical Transformation, Las Vegas, NV, 9/05


Revolutionary Health IT: Collaboration, Transformation, and eHealth Vision, Doha, Qatar, 1/09

Informatics Institute

Informatics for Profiling Physicians, Falls Church, VA, Bethesda, MD, 1996 to 1997

Institute for Health Technology Transformation

Conference Co-Chair, 2012 Programs in Healthcare Information Technology, Phoenix, San Francisco, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Denver, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Austin

Conference Co-Chair, Annual Transforming Healthcare Through Health IT Summit, Los Angeles, CA, 11/11

Conference Co-Chair, Meaningful Use, Electronic Health Records and Analytics, iHT2 Health IT Summit, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 5/11

Conference Co-Chair, Healthcare IT & Innovation: New Models and Practical Solutions, iHT2 Health IT Summit, San Francisco, CA, 3/11

Is “Meaningful Use” Meaningful?, Summer Health IT Summit, Denver, CO, 7/10

Revolutionary Health IT: Collaboration, Transformation, and Innovation, Ninth Annual Transforming Healthcare Through Health IT Summit, Los Angeles, CA, 11/09

International Business Communications

Guidelines and Profiling: Developing and Using the Tools, Chicago, IL, 11/94

International Institute for Research

The Araxsys Solution and Healthcare Workflow, Toronto, Canada, 10/96

Guidelines, Outcomes and Profiling: Now What Do We Do?, New Orleans, LA, 5/94

Using Technology to Effectively Collect and Utilize Data – An Integrated Approach, Washington, DC, 3/94

International Society for Quality in Health Care

The Core Body of Knowledge, Jerusalem, Israel, 5/96

Iowa Farm Bureau

Practice Guidelines and Quality Assurance, Des Moines, IA, 9/92

IQPC Exchange – CIO Healthcare Exchange

Utilizing Mobile Health to Help Providers Engage Patients and Deliver a Higher Standard of Care, Irving, TX, 9/16

Joint Commission on Accreditation for Quality in Healthcare Organizations

Quality Initiatives: Using Clinical IT to Directly Impact Care, Alexandria, VA, 11/04

Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Revolutionary Health IT: Path Innovation, Collaboration, and Transformation, Medford, MA, 5/09; Stoneham, MA, 12/08

Louisiana Managed Healthcare Association

Linking Informatics and Medical Management, Kenner, LA, 9/98

McKesson Corporation

Patient Safety: Attitudes and Challenges Facing Patients, Physicians and their Providers, Amherst Product Group Users Conference, Orlando, FL, 6/03

Disease Management: Using IT to Deliver the Goods, Washington, Payor Solutions Group Users Conference, DC, 4/98

Medicaid Managed Care

Evaluating Appropriateness of Care, Scottsdale, AZ, New York, NY, Seattle, WA, 4/95 to 7/95

Medical Case Management Conference

Improving Process Quality: Applying Workflow Automation to Patient Care Plans, Nashville, TN, 9/97

Medical College of Wisconsin Evolving Healthcare Technology Conference

Error Reduction Thru Medical Technology, Milwaukee, WI, 11/03.

Medical Records Institute

Using Clinical Decision Support to Influence Outcomes, San Antonio, TX, 5/03

Lessons from Health Care’s Most Wired, San Antonio, TX, 5/03

Using Handheld Devices to Obtain Physician Adoption of Information Technology , Mobile Health Care 2002, Las Vegas, NV, 10/02

Enhancing Patient Safety: CPOE and Clinical Decision Support, TEPR 2002, Seattle, WA 5/02

Healthcare Internet Portals: Benefiting from the Easy Exchange of Information, TEPR 2001, Boston, MA 5/01

National Association of Managed Care Physicians

Data to Information, Managed Care University, Dallas, TX, 6/95

Informatics Track Chairperson, Spring Forum, Palm Springs, CA, 5/95

How Physicians Play a Part in the Informatics World, Palm Springs, CA, 5/95

Informatics Track Chairperson, Fall Forum, Phoenix, AZ, 9/94

Medical Delivery: Information Superhighway, Phoenix, AZ, 9/94

Guidelines, Outcomes and Profiling: What Will It Do?, New Orleans, LA, 5/94

Clinical Practice Guidelines, Tampa, FL, 4/93

National Managed Health Care Congress

Lessons from Health Care’s Most Wired, Washington, DC, 3/03

Clinical ROI: Lessons from Health Care’s Most Wired, Baltimore, MD, 4/02

Disease Management, Washington, DC, 4/00

Connect the Docs: Put Internet and World Wide Web Technologies to Work for You!, Atlanta, GA, 4/98

Moderator, Physicians Track, Washington, DC, 4/97

Provider Profiling, Washington, DC, 4/96

Innovative Training Programs for Physicians in Managed Care, New York, NY, 11/95

National Managed Home Health Care Congress

Outcomes Measures and Reporting, Nashville, TN, 6/97

Paragon Development Systems Technology Conference

Bringing Your Own Meaningful Use to Life, Milwaukee, WI, 10/09

Pharmaceutical Advertising Council, Inc.

Ramifications of Standards of Practice in the Managed Care Environment: Fire All the Outliers?, New York, NY, 3/94

Quality Colloquium at Harvard University

Colloquium Co-Chair, Cambridge, MA, 2004 to 2007, 2009-2010

Clinical Transformation Through Clinical Decision Support and IT, Cambridge, MA, 08/10

Impact of Social Networking on Patient Safety and Quality, Cambridge, MA, 08/09

Reflections on Technology and Quality: Round Healthcare in a Flat World, Cambridge, MA, 8/06

Patient Safety Workforce Training, Cambridge, MA, 8/04

Using Point-of-Care Information Technology Tools to Reduce Medication Errors, Cambridge, MA, 8/03

Quality Insights of Pennsylvania – Medicare Advantage Health Plan Summit

Using Predictive Modeling to Target Interventions, Harrisburg, PA, 10/04

Rush Presbyterian Medical Center / Ars Medica

Capitation, Contract Negotiation and Managed Care, Los Angeles, CA 4/95

SAP Healthcare Belgium and Luxembourg

Path Innovation, Collaboration and the Triple Convergence. Brussels, Belgium, 11/06

Saúde Business Fórum

Keynote: Moving from Volume to Value: Follow the Money, Iguazu Falls, Brazil, 6/17

Self-Insurance Institute of America

Physicians and Managed Care, San Antonio, TX, 8/95

The Application of Outcomes Measurement in Managed Care, Chicago, IL, 10/94

The Evolution of Managed Care: Guidelines and Care Management, Boston, MA, 10/93

Senate Finance Committee, Subcommittee for Health for Families and the Uninsured

Testimony on health care quality improvement and new information technologies, Washington, DC, 4/94

Swiss Institute for Public Health, Switzerland

Managed Care: Opportunities for Quality Improvement?, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1/96

Design and Implementation of Practice Guidelines, Lausanne, Switzerland, 4/93

The Center for Business Innovation

Business Intelligence & Analytics: Unleashing Data to Drive Quality & Financial Performance, Co-chair, Boston, MA, 05/07

The IPA Association of America

Care Management: An Integrated Approach for Managing Risk, Las Vegas, NV, 3/00

Vanguard Health System

Driving Patient Safety, Las Vegas, NV, 8/03

Washington County Hospital Association

Internet and World Wide Web Technologies for Physicians, Hagerstown, MD, 5/99

Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association,

Technology: How Providers and Purchasers Gauge Quality, Philadelphia, PA, 10/02

WEDI National Conference

Market Forces Driving Patient Safety, Washington, DC, 5/03

World Research Group

Optimizing the Role of the Physician Advisor, Las Vegas, NV, 3/08