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Revolutionary Health IT

by Barry P Chaiken, MD

Revolution is defined as a “drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving.” Our healthcare system requires a health information technology (HIT) revolution, a drastic change in the way we deliver care by utilizing IT in new and innovative ways. Aggressively deploying IT, to replicate the processes and workflows that currently deliver our poor results on so many measures, only guarantees continued suboptimal and unacceptable outcomes.

Focus on Three Key Areas

Revolutionary HIT requires a focus on three key areas: 1) processes and workflows, 2) information technology tools, and 3) healthcare provider tasks, duties and responsibilities.

Solutions come from an in-depth understanding of tools, and creative thinking around what healthcare professionals can do and how best to use their individual skill. Bringing together experts in clinical medicine, information technology and process redesign creates an environment where the best processes and workflows effectively leverage the new HIT tools. Such diverse working groups allow meaningful knowledge transfer and the development of solutions that transcend the expertise inherent in each silo of knowledge.

Valued solutions offer these professionals HIT tools that leverage their unique skills, while organizing the processes and workflows to deliver a consistently high quality, safe and efficient healthcare outcome.

Excerpts from: Revolutionary Health IT: Cure for Insanity – PSQH, November, December 2007

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