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News from HIMSS 2010 Annual Conference

by Barry P Chaiken, MD

Comments for Saturday, February 27,2010

The professionals are streaming into Atlanta and the buzz is starting to crescendo. Of course the Jay-Z concert in town has a bit to do with all the action on the street.

This evening, I visited with our French and Belgium HIMSS representatives at a reception at the W Hotel downtown. They traveled almost 24 hours from Paris to Newark to Atlanta. After stepping off their airport shuttle they headed directly into the welcome event. At this time of significant challenges facing healthcare in America, we can learn much from our European colleagues. In turn there is much we can teach them. The strength of  HIMSS is in its diversity. Its enthusiasm and power was felt throughout the room.

At an earlier reception hosted by Evolvent, Inc. I met several distinguished colleagues in the DOD, working hard to endure that our men and women in uniform recieve the best care we can provide. Several shared stories of innovative projects focused on improving care in the combat theater and facilities at home. Our military faces similar challneges to those in the civillian sector. Interest in HIMSS grows from the notion that there is more than enough to learn, requiring that everyone share as much knowledge as possible.

Barry P. Chaiken, MD, FHIMSS
HIMSS Chair, 2009-2010


Are We At A Health IT Tipping Point?

February 26, 2010

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Barry Chaiken, current HIMSS Chair and recently appointed CMO at Imprivata, an authentication and access management company. Our conversation revolved around the steps that need to occur in order to improve the accessibility of information, quality of care, and cost effectiveness within the U.S. healthcare system. According to Chaiken, two primary obstacles have prevented the healthcare industry from making significant strides in these areas. The first is the challenge of getting disparate health IT systems to effectively integrate with one another. The second is convincing healthcare organizations to truly change their workflow processes to make best use of the technologies available.    Read More>>


Podcast: Dr. Barry Chaiken discusses HIMSS 2010, electronic health records

By Scot Petersen, Editorial Director,

In this podcast, Dr. Barry Chaiken, HIMSS board chairman and Chief Medical Officer of Imprivata and Imprivata CEO Omar Hussain discuss HIMSS 2010 and how technology is transforming health care. Chaiken addresses the place that electronic health record initiatives have in health care, and  how health care practices are adopting to technology. Hussain discusses Imprivata’s new health care division and why he brought in Chaiken as CMO.

To hear podcast click here >> – Dr. Barry Chaiken Discusses HIMSS 2010, EHRs.

Click here >> Access website and podcast

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