Archives November 1, 2014

How to Effectively Choose and Assign Clinical Staff

by Barry P Chaiken, MD

On average, hospitals devote close to 60% of their budgets to labor costs with the large majority of those costs associated with nurse staffing. Until robots replace humans in the delivery of patient care, selection of the proper skill mix and number of professionals remains a significant factor that determines cost in provider organizations. Although information technology cannot replace the staff delivering care to patients, it can assist organizations in choosing the best talent available, help develop that talent, and determine the best way to utilize the skills of these professionals. In addition, once the proper employees are chosen, information technology can apply evidence-based workloads to ensure each patient receives all necessary care driven by the correct staffing levels.

Excerpts from: How to Effectively Choose and Assign Staff. Systemwide Transformations that Improve Healthcare Quality and Efficiency, Fiercehealthcare eBook, November 2014


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