Articles, PSQH November 20, 2014

Think Like a Retailer

by Barry P Chaiken, MD

It is all about the consumer. With more than 68% of the U.S. economy driven by consumer spending, retailers clearly know how to identify and motivate consumers to take action. Techniques and information technology tools utilized by these organizations offer a model for providers to deliver effective population health management.

These approaches include two specific actions: 1) Apply analytics to identify a subset of the population and within it, individuals requiring attention, and 2) Deploy patient engagement activities to continuously influence the behavior of the targeted individuals.

The sophistication of data collection and analytics tools for tracking consumer behavior expanded with technological advancement and broader distribution of consumer technology. As more consumer data became available, the ability to influence behavior became more sophisticated and impactful.

Excerpts from: Population Health: Think Like a Retailer. PSQH, November/December 2014


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