Articles, HIT Outcomes August 31, 2015

Putting the Patient in CRM

by Barry P Chaiken, MD

As the Affordable Care Act expands coverage and high deductible health plans capture more money from consumer pockets, increasing numbers of patients focus on the quality of services received from providers. These services extend beyond patient care to encompass patient experience metrics that are easily judged by the average consumer including respectfulness exhibited by caregivers, pleasantness of facilities, and wait times. Patients with sub-par experiences often post negative comments on one or more social media platforms to express their dissatisfaction. These posts then form the building blocks for a provider’s online reputation.

As patients act more like consumers, provider organizations with poor reputations experience decreased utilization of services which hurts revenue. With margins small and competition increasing for patients, few organizations can afford a decline in patient visits. For providers to survive in this new era of healthcare consumerism, they must learn from the experiences of other industries such as retail and hospitality, and apply those basic approaches to managing their relationship with patient-consumers.

Excerpts from: Putting the Patient in CRM. Hitech Answers, August 31, 2015


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