Social Responsibility July 27, 2016

Pan-Mass Challenge 2016 – 32nd Ride

by Barry P Chaiken, MD

Donate to fight cancer

Although I like to start off on a happy note, even the sunniest of days has a few clouds. First, Helen, Davina, Lynne, Art, Mike, and Suzanne are doing well. Cancer researchers think we are turning the corner in our effort to defeat cancer. I am hopeful that the moonshot effort let by Vice President Biden coupled with the Federal investment in precision medicine will accelerate the pace of success.

Unfortunately, we have a new cancer fighter added to our Honor Roll. Annie is on a brave journey to defeat her leukemia. After more than six rounds of chemotherapy, she is now managing her bone marrow transplant, hoping to be through the ordeal by the end of the summer. With such courage and toughness, our thoughts and prayers are entirely with her.

It’s been 32 years since cancer took my dad from me. Ray would have celebrated his 95th birthday last December. He was such a brave man, always thinking positively and never complaining. A year after his death, in 1985, I rode my first PMC. The August 6-7 PMC is my 32nd ride and one I am looking forward to as much as any of them, especially after the cold rain of 2014 and the heat of 2015. The PMC is my opportunity to engage in the fight against cancer while honoring my dad. I sure wish he was here to watch. Or does he just have a bird’s eye view?

Over these years, I rode for friends, colleagues, and people I did not know. I hoped to offer them hope and comfort through my connection to the wonderful PMC family. Perhaps the knowledge that over 6,000 riders and volunteers really cared provided them with a bit of help as they went through one more day fighting cancer. This fight will forever be personal. It has touched my family too hard to ever be forgotten.

Thank you for being part of my PMC family and supporting me now and in years past. Without you, this ride is just 193 miles long. With you, it is a crusade, that we are winning, against a disease that hurts too many of us. Please consider boldly investing in the miracles that are unfolding today. Every single dollar (100%) of your PMC donation fights cancer. We raised more than $45,000,000 last year, reaching 1/2 billion dollars in total. Economic times may be tough for us, but times are tougher for those who are fighting cancer. I need you, and those looking for hope need you. $500,000,000+, WOW!! Please be a part of this.

Donate to fight cancer.

See you on the road.



Barry P. Chaiken

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