Articles, PSQH December 7, 2016

Build a Care Team

by Barry P Chaiken, MD

With healthcare complexity increasing daily, traditional models of delivering care fail to offer a viable framework capable of delivering high quality care at a reasonable cost. The rapid and ever-changing medical knowledge makes It impossible for any healthcare professional to assimilate and retain the up-to-date information necessary to properly treat patients. Although healthcare information technology offers a tool to assist in managing this information, placing the patient in the center of the care delivery team allows for the construction of healthcare information technology workflows that best leverage the skills of each care giver and the capabilities of information technology tools.

A 21st century approach to care delivery requires an understanding of the skills and knowledge of each care team provider, and development of a patient-centered care model built upon the team approach to a clinical problem rather than a top-down methodology driven solely by the physician.

Excerpts from: Build a Care Team. PSQH, November/December 2016

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