Articles, HDM February 10, 2017

Why the Pressure’s Rising for EMRs to Make and Impact

by Barry P Chaiken, MD

As the country wonders about the next iteration or obliteration of the Affordable Care Act, the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire starring Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding, Jr., provides all the information needed to prepare for changes in the healthcare marketplace in 2017. After spending more than $30 billion on incentive payments, many in and outside government wonder what value that investment in electronic medical records (EMR) delivers to patients. Similarly, many hospital boards of directors, provider organization leadership groups and physicians in private practice wonder what type of return on investment they are receiving from implementing these healthcare information technology (HIT) systems.

To understand our struggle to obtain value from EMRs, it is important to “show you the money.”

Excerpts from: Why the Pressure’s Rising for EMRs to Make and Imapct. Health Data Management, February 6, 2017

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