Articles, PSQH February 22, 2017

Show Me the Money

by Barry P Chaiken, MD

As the country wonders about the next iteration or obliteration of the Affordable Care Act, the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire starring Tom Cruise (Jerry, sports agent) and Cuba Gooding, JR, (Rod, NFL star) provides all the information needed to prepare for changes in the healthcare marketplace in 2017. In one poignant scene, Rod chastises Jerry in an effort to motivate him to work harder to secure a higher value contract for Rod’s services to his team. Through the repetitive mantra “Show me the money, Jerry”, Rod makes it clear to his agent that only the money value of the contract matters.

Wise observers of healthcare trends understand that the direction of this industry always relates to the flow of money. Whether provider organizations, clinicians, life science companies, or healthcare information technology vendors, positions taken by these organizations closely follow the economic incentives presented by the marketplace. So, to understand the fate of the Affordable Care Act and the focus of the industry in 2017, just ask the various stakeholders to “show you the money.”

At the close of 2017, some version of “x-care” will exist. Whether it be Obamacare, Trumpcare or Ryancare, no one’s mantra will be “I don’t care”.

Excerpts from: Show Me the Money. PSQH, January/February 2017

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