Healthcare Policy October 9, 2023

Take Care of Them So They Can Take Care of Us

by Barry P Chaiken, MD
Perspectives: Not Enough of Them to Take Care of Us

For almost three years, they have been there. Our doctors and nurses and therapists and administrative staff, accepting the unknown personal risk to their health to be sure we got the care we needed. Now faced with the triple threat of COVID, RSV, and flu, they show up every day to do what they can to treat and comfort us.

Yes, American healthcare has problems. And many people have great suggestions on how to fix it. But unless we figure out how to take care of them, no matter what solutions we implement, there will not be enough of them to take care of us.

Source – The I.C.U. Nurse: A Symbol of Endurance, NY Times, December 26, 2022

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