Artificial Intelligence November 8, 2023

Prompt Engineering = Job Security

by Barry P Chaiken, MD
Perspectives: Prompt Engineering = Job Security – Barry Chaiken, MD

You may be wondering if artificial intelligence will take your job. Factory workers over the past 30 years thought the same about robots. And yes, many lost their jobs. But those who adapted and got retraining not only survived but thrived. When computers became commonplace in the workspace, they replaced staff that took dictation and typed letters. But not all of these workers lost their jobs. Those who pivoted to using word processing and slide-making software transferred their typing and design skills to new formats.

Change is disruptive, and most of us dislike change. But change is inevitable; fortunately, human beings are the most adaptable living things on earth.

With generative AI infiltrating the workforce, employees feel threatened that AI will replace them. However, AI does not have knowledge or intent. Only humans do (for now).

Employees who want to stay ahead of the AI revolution must also pivot like those before them threatened by new technology. Combining human intelligence and experience with AI is done through creating high-quality prompts. Therefore, the path to successfully using AI and protecting your job is to become a prompt engineer. This capability does not require computer science skills but only practice working with AI. Learning what words are most effective in prompts and focused practice will train you to be a prompt engineer. By augmenting your education and experience with your newly acquired prompt engineering skills, you will notice an increase in the quality and efficiency of your work.

AI will only replace you if you let it.

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