NtC Video Podcasts June 22, 2023

NtC 15: Can We Really Fix Healthcare?

by Barry P Chaiken, MD
From Navigating the Code: How Revolutionary Technology Transforms the Patient-Physician Journey

In a previous NtC episode, I shared my thoughts on the need for a new normal in healthcare to address the challenges and, to quote Hamlet, its “sea of troubles.” And creating a new normal cannot fix healthcare on its own, but it can offer the tools and systematic approaches to tackle and eliminate our challenges. These tools and resources await our taking them up to battle in our ever-rolling sea of disarray and troubles. The solution is to implement a more significant role for healthcare information technology, something I call Revolutionary Healthcare Information Technology (RHIT).

Healthcare providers must catch up to other industries in adopting the latest IT technologies and processes. Yet, they need to be at the forefront of balancing the stability of their organization – helping to run the business efficiently – with the vitality that enables innovation and improvement. And as the amount of generated clinical and administrative data increases, responsibility for all capital acquisition must move from functional departments to a centralized IT office. This shift in leadership efficiently coordinates the introduction of new technology and ensures that it is interoperable and cyber-secure with existing systems.

Revolutionary HIT can help leverage existing data to optimize processes further. These new processes must be designed, not by default, but rather intelligently conceived. Administrators, clinicians, and HIT management must work together to create them. This is the new normal: enabling intelligent healthcare management to streamline the workflow and help improve the quality of care, patient safety, and access to care using the optimum level of resources. Revolutionary HIT can digitally integrate healthcare delivery into an interoperable system that automates the workflow for maximum effectiveness and measurable financial performance.

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