The Merging of HIT

June 23, 2017

Although most attention to HIT focuses on the use of the EMR, other recent HIT tools successfully merge clinical and administrative activities that previously stood independent of each other.

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Why HIT Tools Can Help Organizations Navigate the Challenges of Growth

April 14, 2017

With the advent of EMRs and other sophisticated clinical and administrative HIT systems, each transferred patients comes with an exponentially larger set of patient data, much of it extremely valuable to receiving hospitals and their clinical staff trying to effectively and efficiently manage the limited resources available to treat these very complex patients.

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Build a Care Team

December 7, 2016
Sailors pulling on a rope

A 21st century approach to care delivery requires an understanding of the skills and knowledge of each care team provider, and development of a patient-centered care model built upon the team approach to a clinical problem rather than a top-down methodology driven solely by the physician.

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